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Wishing You Home (Special Release)

Special Release in Support of Steve Taliaferro's Croatian Home-Raising Efforts. When you Paypal [] or Venmo stevetaliaferro] $2 (or more!) to Steve, then send me a snapshot of your receipt, and I'll email a link where you can download the track! Happy Holidays... and thanks for helping a good man get the home he's been working so hard for the last few years. -- Shannon

The Cause:

Giving Tuesday? I missed it by a week. 


But I think every Tuesday should be Giving Tuesday… and every day, for that matter.


My good friend Steve Taliaferro started living out of that truth not long after he finished college. While we were all doing internships and setting about our own careers, he moved across the Atlantic, helping change the lives of young people and families in communities throughout eastern Europe.


He’s been doing that for decades, now.


No company health care plan. No monthly contributions to a 401K. Just real love for others lived out in action every single day. 


He raises his own funds. He hustles and hopes his needs will be met because so many others need him to be right where he is right now. 


And I want to help keep him there. 


Last year Stephen began the process of buying land and building a modest home in Zagreb, Croatia, where he works and ministers to youth and families.


$5,000 USD will help him finish the home. Anything beyond that will help cover what he’s spent on building costs so far, allowing him to place money in a retirement fund… which he’s not been able to do much of to this point. 




A couple years ago, I wrote a Christmas song—“Wishing You Home.” My friend and brother, Mark Lonsway, helped record and produce the project, where we assembled a group of tremendous musicians to play on the track… men I’m honored to call my friends. With Dave Racine on drums, Tim Denbo on upright bass, and Justin Ostrander on lead guitar, we set to work putting together what you’ll hear when you click the link below: 


All time and talent was donated. All efforts were made to ensure a great product for a great cause. And all proceeds will go to benefit Stephen in his work. Every single dollar.


How will we do that? 


By keeping things simple and transparent--just a few easy steps: 


  1. Send Steve $2 or more (hopefully much more!!) by PayPal or Venmo at:

  2. Send me proof of that donation to 

  3. I’ll send you a link to where you can download the track. 


Yes, it’s a little more work than going to iTunes or another music distributor. But this way we keep every dollar in Stephen’s pocket. You don’t have to wonder or worry what’s being taken out for administration fees, because there aren’t any. Not to Apple, not to me, not to Mark, not anyone—because all time’s been donated and all contributions go right to the cause. You’re just handing a good man a few dollars to help him continue changing lives.


And we’re saying thank you with the gift of a song. 


Simple, right??


Everyone says “Someday—when I’m better off financially—I’ll give.” That’s a great thought. But there is so much need right now. Today.


Fortunately, there’s something you can do, today. I hope you’ll take a few minutes and make this happen. Thank you in advance for your help.



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