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brothers + sons

Brothers and Sons was written and recored in a 48-hour period back in January of 2012, when I had opportunity to pitch material for the TV show, Deadliest Catch. The song wasn't placed but we loved how it turned out, and I always knew I'd add it to a future project. In December 2017, I decided to release the song in conjunction with the relaunch of ​

Special thanks to Mark Lonsway for engineering and producing the track, and to Jack Untz for playing lap steel. Four takes, a few tweaks, and we were done. Amazing. I'm so grateful for my talented brothers. 

bootleg sessions, vol. i

From demos to work tapes to true bootlegs captured at shows, these tracks offer an unvarnished and organic view into the last decade... and are a harbinger of things to come. Friends and fans have asked for new music and I'm hoping this tides them over until a new project is possible. Every dollar made from this bootleg goes toward the new project

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